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Foxkiss Somali Cats
Elina Koivisto
Turku, Finland



I'm breeding somalicats in small scale in normal household conditions. I have 0-2 litters per year. At the moment there are six cats living in our home, two of which are breeding females. I like to keep the number of cats relatively small to ensure the well-being of them.

I aim to breed healthy, typical somali cats with a nice temperament. As fas as the colours go, I'm especially interested in developing dilution colours (blue and fawn).

All my breeding cats are tested for PK and PRA (or the status is known from the parents) and are FeLV- and FIV-negative.

The name of the cattery, Foxkiss, comes from two words, a fox and a kiss. Since somalis are fox-looking felines who like kissing, the name is in my opinion a perfect one. Additionally, the word for "a cat" is "kissa" in Finnish, making the name sound  like a "fox cat" in the mind of a Finnish speaker.

We always had a dog at home from the time when I was two or so. I was already in my teens when the first cat came to our house. After moving to another town to study, the cat and the dog stayed with my parents. I survived a year without any pets, after which I got Leevi from a local animal shelter. Few years later we started to look for a playing mate for him.



Our terrace and the cat yard. Photo: Pälvi Salo

elina_ja_bongo.jpgPhoto: Pälvi Salo

I was originally thinking of a sturdy short-haired cat breed. I was very fond of the appearance of the long-haired breeds but being as lazy groomer as I am, I didn't even dare to dream about them.

Then I saw my first somali in a cat show and was totally smitten at once! The fox is my favourite animal along cats, and there I was looking at a small, fox-looking, the most beautiful cat ever.

I read about the breed, visited a breeder and few month later we had our own somali on the way.

saana_vantaa_katimarjala.jpg   Photo: Kati Marjala


Since the breeder asked, I took my first somali, Riina,to a cat show "just to try it out". It turned out, that I really liked it and after that I've been to shows on a regular basis.

My next somali, Saana, was placed at our home to have kittens, so I had also a chance to get familiar with breeding. Saana's daughter Beisa stayed with us.

I've had my cattery name since 2008. Two placed litters of the Kisompa's cattery have been born in our home. The first Foxkiss litter was born in winter 2011.

Photo: Pia Ojanen, cat: EC Kisompa's Cipriano